About Us

The Beginnings

Sports Reconnect started off as an avenue to reconnect everyday folks with sports. In the hustle and bustle of daily lives people often forget the joy we experienced playing sports as children. Sports was one of the primary sources of friendships, strong bonds, loads of learning, and growth. So we took on the challenge of taking sports to every home in the city. 

We took this opportunity also a means to also fulfill our sporting dreams.  The dream of identifying and nurturing the next Olympic gold medallist for the country.  talent. In the process, we organized loads of training, tournaments, and events. 

And that is how we began this journey…

The Journey

Our events and training regime were a big hit. Our customers loved the comprehensiveness of the routines and spread the word. At one point we had around 51 training centres across the city of Mumbai. The stakeholders of various communities reached out to us for a partnership to take sports forward.  The biggest highlight was the Kutchi Sports Olympia wherein 52,000 participants from the Kutchi community, of all age groups underwent 2 months of sports training and competed in mega sports events across 12 sports. 

Sports Reconnect also partnered up with the DSO and undertook the execution of District Sports events for a few years. The sporting fever was catching on and Sports Reconnect was also declared as one of the Top 10 Sports start-ups in the country by Silicon India. 

These efforts resulted in 200+ district and state-level champions, 18+ National Champions, and 1 CWG Gold Medal for the country. 

The Present

While training continues to be our core asset. With time we understood that top-level sporting performances are not possible without the necessary Tech and Analytics support. And thus, today we are at the forefront of sports tech and performance analytics. 

We also continue with our aim of enabling sports by lending our expertise in organizing and executing sports tournaments to all interested parties. After all, it is only through lucrative, credible tournaments are a hotbed for upcoming talents to thrive.

We have expanded our area of work to other major cities as well, and continue to bring in a transformation step by step. 

About the Founder

Sourav Ghosh, a highly accomplished individual, has left an indelible mark on the sports industry through his unwavering dedication and exceptional achievements. As a Multiple Times National Medallist in Table Tennis, he has demonstrated extraordinary talent and skill in the realm of competitive sports. Notably, Sourav holds the remarkable distinction of being the youngest ever Faculty of the Art of Living organization, a testament to his prodigious abilities and leadership qualities that emerged at a tender age of 18.

Drawing inspiration from the teachings and ideals of H.H Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar, Sourav embarked on a journey as a passionate Yoga and Meditation teacher, guiding and shaping the lives of over 50,000 youngsters over the course of a decade. His commitment to helping others unlock their full potential has earned him widespread recognition as a transformative mentor in the field.


Beyond his athletic and spiritual pursuits, Sourav Ghosh is an accomplished engineer, having earned his qualifications from esteemed institutions such as VESIT and IIM Lucknow. His relentless pursuit of excellence is evident in his diverse achievements, which have garnered him numerous awards and accolades. Among his many strengths, Sourav’s exceptional ability to foster teamwork stands out. His exceptional organizational skills have been honed through the successful management of over 500 mega-scale events and tournaments, solidifying his reputation as an exceptional leader.

Currently at the helm of Sports Reconnect, a Sports Training & Tournaments company, Sourav Ghosh has transformed his passion for sports and his vast experience into a thriving venture. Recognized as one of India’s Top-10 Sports Startups, Sports Reconnect has provided a platform for aspiring athletes and produced a Commonwealth Gold Medallist, a testament to Sourav’s unwavering commitment to nurturing talent and facilitating the growth of sports in the nation.

Through his multifaceted journey as an athlete, teacher, entrepreneur, and leader, Sourav Ghosh continues to inspire and make a lasting impact in the world of sports, leaving an indelible legacy that resonates with aspiring athletes and enthusiasts alike.

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